Why is Wroclaw such a trendy city for medical tourism among western patients?

Year after year, the number of foreign visitors who undergo dental surgeries in Poland increments. It is predicted that Poland is currently the second most visited state for the reason of the dental tourism, just after Hungary.

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The Germans, British and Russians most frequently travel to Poland, and the proportion of visitors from Scandinavian states is also continuously incrementing.

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The growing curiosity of foreign visitors in Polish medical assistance makes dental tourism develop significantly. Medical and health touristry (including dental tourism) is a recent trend in Europe combining dental treatment with sightseeing and leisure. Visitors are most probably to select destinations with exceptional tourist points of interest, that are easy to reach by traveling with low cost airlines. The city of Wroclaw, the center of Lower Silesia, is undoubtedly one of them. The metropolis is most frequented by the Germans, English and Italians. In addition to tourist points of interest attracting visitors, dental treatment in Wroclaw is at the best international level. Polish specialists are well experienced, more and more hospitals and dental clinics has excellent instruments and skilled employees, and the prices are usually relevantly lower than in a foreign country.

Polish experienced dentists are evenly well performing dental treatments - they have the same equipment as their western colleagues, work hard and esthetically - and that is all for much less prices than in western Europe. To name just one more advantage of such solution, many dental centers in Poland propose their services as well in foreign languages, mostly in English and German.